Consistency Is Key

Consistency Is Key

“To be successful at anything you don’t have to be different. You simply have to be what most people aren’t: consistent.”

I found this quote on the internet so whoever said it first, good shit because I love this quote.

I’m constantly reminded of the importance of consistency throughout my everyday life. Especially when it comes to fighting.

There are times when I’m in the gym consistently working hard every day, and I’ll notice someone come back to the gym who hasn’t been there for months. I’ll usually spar the guy just to see if the time off made a difference. It always does. 

Most recently due to the pandemic with all the gyms closed a lot of guys just gave up on working out and improving their martial arts.

I never stopped though.

Throughout the summer, I was training constantly, so when the gyms finally opened back up it was easy to going up against those that used to be a challenge.

If I had allowed the pandemic to keep me down and had taken time off, then I would have been rusty and out of shape just like the other guys. 

It’s also important to note and emphasize that even though I was being consistent with my training, I wasn’t doing anything crazy in my training sessions to get better.

I was just showing up. Every day. 

Another quote dealing with consistency that I live by is:

“You are what you do every day.”

I’m not sure who this quote originated from, so I’ll just credit the internet. This quote literally explains how I found my passion and turned it into a successful business. While in college damn near every day I was going to the gym. I even dropped or skipped classes just to make time for working out. This made me realize that I wasn’t meant to be a college student. Instead, I knew my purpose was being in the gym, whether it was training others or myself.

Every day I did the necessary work to take my purpose to new heights. I even created a structured daily routine that I will go in-depth about more in future posts. (I wrote a book on it as well).

My routine consisted of doing a list of things that would help improve my mindset, mental toughness, spirituality, and physical health.

The one thing about self-improvement that I don’t think a lot of people realize is that you must consistently work at it. Even when you feel you have reached your maximum potential, then you must continue to work. Continue to get better, otherwise, it is easy to slip back to your old self or become complacent and comfortable.

Now it’s time for you to become consistent and conquer your goals. In the following section I have a few questions and tasks that I want you to do to further better your life. Make sure you grab your journal, a piece of paper, or create a document online to write the questions and save your entries

  1. Write about a time where you were consistently working towards a goal, and it brought you success.

  2. Write one goal you want to accomplish in the next week. Now I want you to write out what you can do every day for the next 7 days to accomplish that goal. There is always something you can be doing.

  3. Now write out a 30 day goal you want you to accomplish. I want you to write out what you can do every week until you reach the 30 days. If you want to get really crazy then take about 10-20 minutes and write out what you could do every day for the next 30 days to accomplish your goal.

I hope this helps you accomplish your goal and I want to know if you accomplish either goal. Make sure you email me your results at Or you can write them down in the comment section.

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This is great! I’ve also found a passion in martial arts and I’m diving in it’s very hard work and sometimes I ask myself if I really can or want to do this, but it’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I do show up and finish the workout. Not only can I feel the results I can see it in my day to day. My attitude is better, I’m eating better, I have more energy to get up and do something. Like you said it’s a daily thing, not everyday is perfect but the intention is there to keep going.


I love this article!
I remember when I required boxing. I started Feb 2021 but was only coming on the weekends. You told me Dre to come more often to get more practice. Summer of 2021 I was able to come 4 times a week and even one men’s class. I bought me a punching bag for home, heavier weights and even got me a gym membership this year to cover if I can’t come to MASH Gym. Since then I have seen the results already of my consistency. Though I am not where I am at yet I am happy with the results and I feel the differences in my performance as well with my stance and punches. Of course I’m corrected still on things but when I told you Dre I was serious about learning the sport and not just for fitness, I was serious. Consistency is KEY!!!!

7 DAY GOAL: Sleep by 1030pm and lift 45lbs on each side for dead lifts.

30 Day Goal. To not complain in any class I attend. Push through the workouts and not say I can’t. I also plan on attending Crunch Fitness gym twice a day to work on the pull up machine. I told myself I would do a full body pull up on my own by December 31st.

Yvonne Wilson

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